About Us.

About Us
The Optimists is a U.S. based charitable organization that began its journey with a unique Child Sponsorship Program supported by individual donors. Since 2000, the organization’s footprint and support services have expanded both locally and in Bangladesh – extending targeted support to underprivileged children.

Since its inception, The Optimists has been a financially and operationally transparent organization firmly committed to maximizing support while maintaining the lowest possible operating costs. At the organizational level, we share detailed financial statements upon request; at the beneficiary level, we provide our donors with updated photographs and academic progress reports through letters and emails – and can also arrange remote or in-person meetings between sponsors and children upon request.

All operations and financial statements of The Optimists are inspected and audited by the respective regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Our Goal

The Optimists seeks to provide hope and relief to the children of Bangladesh whose lives have been corrupted by broken families, lost parents, and poverty. No child should have their futures robbed by circumstances completely out of his/her hands. Thus, we provide food, clothing, education, tuition, books, and medical care to the Bangladeshi children in distress through our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) and Special Sponsorship Program (SSP).

Current Programs

The Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

An educational opportunity program designed for students from 9th grade to 10th grade in secondary schools (2 years) and Higher Secondary College or equivalent vocational/technical institute (2 years). The intent of this program is to keep children in school, safe from abuse, neglect and forced labor.

The Special Sponsorship Program (SSP)

A specialized educational opportunity program designed to provide financial aid to academically meritorious children qualifying for higher education in an accredited college or university (including medicine, engineering, science/technology, agriculture).

See the “How We Help” tab for specific further details on each program