Mission And Vision.


“The Optimists” is a U.S. based charitable organization that began its journey with a unique Child Sponsorship Program supported by individual donors. Through the passage of time, its volunteer-driven field of focus has been broadened. Currently, The Optimists provides service to the children, adolescents, babies, as well as mothers in Bangladesh.

The Optimists has a history of spending the least amount of money towards admin costs to achieve its goals. A variety of factors ensure that its goals are met with optimum efficiency, such as the propagation of detailed annual audited financial and activity reports, yearly updated photographs & school progress reports of the sponsored children through letters and emails. The sponsor also can visit and meet the child during their personal trips.

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Currently, The Optimists operate its projects in Bangladesh directly through “The Optimists Bangladesh”, an International NGO registered in Bangladesh. A group of dedicated volunteers and a few numbers of efficient employees run this organization.
The activities including financial statements of the Optimists are inspected and audited by the respective regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Our Goal

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The primary objective of The Optimists is to salvage the children whose hopes, possibilities and future have been snatched by poverty, broken families, lost parents and numerous anomalous social conditions. The Optimists is conscious about its limitations in terms of resources and time. As such, it has decided to start its journey towards HOPE by providing food, clothing, education, tuition, books and medical care to the children of poverty in Bangladesh through its Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) and Special Sponsorship Program (SSP).