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How You Can Help

You can also help us by joining directly with the organization as a Registered Volunteer, General Member, Preferred Member and Patron who can donate larger amount of funds. There are other categories including Sponsorship of an annual event and an Advertiser in the yearly publication of the organization.

You may send your donation by writing a check, attending at one of our events, or logging onto our website and using your credit/debit card. All sponsorship forms are available on our website.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or online.

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  • Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)
  • Special Sponsorship Program (SSP)
  • General Donation for Family Medical Assistance Program (FMAP)
  • Unrestricted Donation for Admin Cost


  • Share our website with friends and family.
  • Like and share our Facebook page, @TheOptimistsBangladesh.
  • Tell your loved ones about us — word of mouth is important!




  • General Member: A sponsor of a child under the CSP who volunteers for 6 months in the organization may apply for the General Membership to the Governing Body. This membership requires a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $500, and a $10/month membership fee.
  • Preferred Member: A volunteer may apply for Preferred Membership to the Governing Body with no child sponsorship required. This membership requires a $500/year donation.
  • Patron: A Patron is an honorable donor of the organization and their contribution will be recognized in every publication/event of The Optimists. Patrons can be individuals or businesses. They are treated as VIPs for annual events/programs we host. Please contact our Governing Body for the yearly donation amount.
  • Registered Volunteer: A Registered Volunteer supports annual events and helps increase internet/social media presence. This membership requires a $20/year donation.
  • Advertisement: Support us by placing an advertisement into our annual magazine, “The New Hope” or become a sponsor of our annual events (Annual General Meeting/Fundraising Event).

You may send your donation by writing a check, attending one of our events, or logging onto our website to use your debit/credit card. Child Sponsorship Forms and other information can be found on our website as well. For further information regarding programs/procedures/ways to help, talk to one of our volunteers at The Optimists via email/telephone.

* Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by IRS Codes (U.S. Residents only).