Fatema Begum’s Success Story


Fatema Begum is pursuing her Masters in Political Studies from Shahjalal University, Bangladesh. She was raised in a family of seven members in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Losing her father while in 6th grade brought a serious financial crisis in her family since her mother was a homemaker and had to take care of her four siblings along with her. While she continued her education with economic hardships until 8th grade, she was in dire need of financial help. At this point she came to know of the Optimists from her English teacher.

Fatema applied for the Optimists Scholarship Program and was able to enroll in it. She studied in Kishori Mohon Girls’ High School in Sylhet and passed her S.S.C. exam after 10th grade with a grade of GPA Golden 5 which is the highest level of grade in Bangladesh. While in high school she was interested in Chemistry and English. After passing her S.S.C exam, Fatema got herself admitted to SAARC International College, Bangladesh. She passed her H.S.C. exam after 12th grade from there again with a grade of GPA 5.

After college, she decided to enroll in Bachelors’ Program at Shahjalal University in Political Studies and completed her four year program with an Honors. She is now doing her Masters with a goal to pursue a career in government. She is planning to work for the Foreign Service or in the Administration of Bangladesh. She is grateful to the Optimists for changing her life and sponsoring her education from 8th grade to first year of her Masters. She wishes the Optimists to help more people like her who need necessary help. She wishes to speak to her sponsor personally to thank him for his contributions and invites him to visit her in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

TheOptimists Documentary directed by- Shahjahan Siraj

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