Sabbir’s Medical School Dream


Sabbir Ahmed Shipar was born in Baralekha, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. Having lost his father at an early age, he had to stay with his mother in his uncle’s house. Despite having a lot of financial hardships, Sabbir continued his education. He received a government based “Talentpool Scholarship” when he was in 5th grade. Having received financial support from the government and his family, Sabbir was able to carry on his education until 8th grade. However, it was in 2009, when he started going through serious financial crisis, while in 8th grade. At this point he was contemplating between whether to carry on with his education or not. This is when the Principal of his school introduced him to the Optimists scholarship program.

Sabbir applied for the program and was qualified to receive a scholarship from the Optimists and life started changing afterwards. He decided to shift to Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College in Sylhet in 9th grade. As a talented student Sabbir chose to study Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Higher Mathematics in high school. He was specifically interested in Chemistry while in high school. He passed the government based S.S.C. exam in 2011 after 10th grade with a GPA Golden 5, which is the highest level of grade in Bangladesh. After S.S.C. Sabbir started his 11th grade which is equivalent to the first year of college in Bangladesh, in Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College and passed H.S.C. exam in 2013 again with a GPA Golden 5.

As a child, Sabbir had a desire to become a doctor in order to help people from his native village. In order to fulfill his dream, Sabbir got himself admitted to Osman Medical College in Sylhet. He studied in medical college for five years and recently graduated with an M.B.B.S. degree. He is now doing his one year residency and planning to do post-graduate studies or apply for a government job. In order to pursue a career in the government, every citizen has to take an exam called B.C.S. also known as Bangladesh Civil Service Exam. Sabbir is planning to take this exam within a year. During the last 11 years Sabbir has seen drastic changes in life by being able to fulfill his dreams in his educational career while receiving financial support from the Optimists. He wants to thank the Optimists for its contribution and wishes good luck to every team member and believes they would continue helping others like him who needs necessary support.

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