How We Help

Current Programs

Program 1: The Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Description: An educational opportunity program designed for students from 9th grade to 10th grade in secondary schools (2 years) and Higher Secondary College or equivalent vocational/technical institute (2 years). The intent of this program is to keep children in school, safe from abuse, neglect and forced labor.
  • Cost: Individual sponsors donate $135.00(db/cr card fee excluded) per year for a single child
Program 2: The Special Sponsorship program (SSP)
  • Duration: 6 years (undergraduate + graduate or first-professional degree candidates)
  • Description: A specialized educational opportunity program designed to provide financial aid to academically meritorious children qualifying for higher education in an accredited college or university (including medicine, engineering, science/technology, agriculture).
  • Cost: Individual sponsors donate $310.00(db/cr card fee excluded) per year for a single child.
Program 3: The Rescue Savor’s Future (RSF)

An 8-year program only designed to help the children of the garments workers of the collapsed building Rana Plaza at Savor town, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This program will end on December 2018.

Local- New York, USA

The Optimists has recently expanded its footprint to assist children of low-income families in the NYC area at the beginning of every school year (August/September) to help these students purchase required school supplies that their families cannot otherwise afford. We are actively looking to expand this initiative across various cities within the United States.

The programs carried out by The Optimists are made possible by the generous, tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations – which enable us to expand where and how we help, while dramatically elevating the hopes, dreams and opportunities for those we serve. You can also declare religious contributions, such as Zakat, Fitrah or Sadqa, at the time of donation.