How We Help.

Current Programs

Program 1: The Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Description: An educational opportunity program designed for students from 9th grade to 10th grade in secondary schools (2 years) and Higher Secondary College or equivalent vocational/technical institute (2 years). The intent of this program is to keep children in school, safe from abuse, neglect and forced labor.
  • Cost: Individual sponsors donate $135.00 (db/cr card fee excluded) per year for a single child
Program 2: The Special Sponsorship program (SSP)
  • Duration: 6 years (undergraduate + graduate or first-professional degree candidates)
  • Description: A specialized educational opportunity program designed to provide financial aid to academically meritorious children qualifying for higher education in an accredited college or university (including medicine, engineering, science/technology, agriculture).
  • Cost: Individual sponsors donate $310.00 (db/cr card fee excluded) per year for a single child.

Past Programs

The Rescue Savor’s Future (RSF)

An 8-year program only designed to help the children of the garments workers of the collapsed building Rana Plaza at Savor town, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This program will end on December 2018.

Local Programs- NY, USA

The Optimists arranges different events here in New York both to raise funds for our organization and help students in Bangladesh.

  • We have an annual fundraising event every year in October. 
  • We have our annual picnic
  • We attend Fobana’s annual event every year
  • We arrange Table Tennis games collaborating with Shoilie Table tennis Club & Cultural Center
  • We arrange concerts and invite famous artists from Bangladesh