Samin Sadi is not going to be Part of the Lost Generation

The name Samin Sadi might mean absolutely nothing to you. Neither does this portrait of a smartly dressed young man you probably don’t recognise.

But this name now appears on the roll call of a tenth grade classroom in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. He is a child who grew up lacking nothing, in spirit. He talks politely, with an underlying drive and heart, and nurses a quiet wish to become a businessman. Financial security was the only absence from the promise of his potential. Now he can become anything he wants to be.

The Optimists are that help to children facing the bitter reality of remaining uneducated, a charity which focuses purely on getting these children their education-forcing the future to be open.

The name Samin Sadi might mean nothing to you, but the name Samin Sadi is on a roll call. Samin Sadi is not going to be part of the lost generation, those who struggle to stay in school. Samin Sadi is part of The Optimists, he will stay in education, he will hold a brighter future in the palm of his hand.

And that should mean something to you.